About Me

I’m Deena O’Daniel and I live in the beautiful green hill country just outside Austin, Texaswith my husband, Austin, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dakota, and our black-and-white very patient cat.

I started this blog to share with friends stories and articles relating to our pets.  Some will be educational, some will be silly, some will be whatever strikes my fancy.  There will be book reviews, product reviews, and posts from other pet bloggers.

For many years I was a breeder-exhibitor of Siberian Huskies, so I know and understand the special bond we have with our animals, whether they are show dogs or not, purebreds or a beautiful combination of breeds, lovely felines or other furry friends.

Please visit my web site, Pet Portraits by Deena. I offer hand painted commissioned pet portraits in acrylic on canvas.

I’ve always loved  dogs and I’ve always been able to draw and paint, so I combine those two loves by offering to paint portraits of your beloved pet.  I decided to paint a portrait of  Dakota.   I snapped a photo of her looking at me, and thought that would make a good painting.  So I started painting, and soon I had Dakota’s portrait finished.  Dakota’s portrait is in the center at the top of this page.

I shared it on line with friends, and almost immediately I had several commissions to paint their pets – corgis, a corgi-sheltie, a husky, and even an orange tabby cat.  The buyers’ responses have been so enthusiastic, and I have been delighted to capture their beloved pets on canvas.  Several of the animals I painted had passed away, so the portraits were doubly meaningful to their owners.

My biggest thrill is when I get e-mails and phone calls from my clients telling me how delighted they are with their pet portraits.

Comments and suggestions for this blog are always welcome.  Please visit often, and let me know what you think.