Author: Happy Cat

  • Evolution of a Pet Portrait

    I’ve been painting pet portraits for almost two years now, and I thought it might be interesting to show you the process, the evolution of a portrait. I study the photos of Cody and Hana that were emailed to me: I keep them up on the computer and refer to them constantly while I’m painting.

  • Should You Let Your Dog Swim In Your Pool?

    Just about every dog loves taking an occasional dip in a swimming pool. There are even flotation devices and life vests designed specifically for use on pet dogs who love to get in the water but may not necessarily have the strength or skills to stay afloat and swim. While some dogs, such as Labradors,…

  • Three Tips for Dog Parents Who Feed Their Dogs Dry Kibble

    This is a quick post and completely unplanned.  Linda, a reader who also follows me on Facebook, asked a great question this morning and I wanted to share it today, because this is in response to the article about feeding our dogs feathers for protein.

  • A New Cure For Canine Cancer

    Whether it is a human or a dog, the news that one of our loved ones has been diagnosed with cancer is devastating. This disease is quite a common cause of ill health in dogs, particularly as the dog gets older. Treatment is available with varying degrees of success. Dogs have been receiving chemotherapy and radiation…

  • How to Help Your Kids Deal With the Death of a Pet

    Coping with the death of a pet — and the mess of feelings that comes with it — is one of the tougher parts of growing up. These feelings can be hard for everybody in the family, but they’re especially tough for young children. Children see pets as close friends and extensions of the family unit,…

  • Your Furry Friends Don’t Have To Stay Behind: Refreshing Road Trips For The Entire Family

    You may love your vehicle but you love your pooch even more. The only problem is your little friend likes to make messes and cause a bit of mayhem (not always intentionally) when you’re making your way to your destination. As much as you enjoy having them around with the rest of the family, damage…

  • Grooming 411: The Difference Between Dog Brushes

    Most pet owners know that brushing their dog on a regular basis is a great way to keep their coat looking shiny and healthy and also help reduce the amount of shedding. But if you’ve ever walked into a pet store looking for a brush, you may be amazed—and even confused—by all the choices.

  • PetSmart Encourages Us to Create an Emergency Pet First Aid Kit

    Despite the number of accidents our dogs have had, we don’t have an emergency pet first aid kit. Well, that has changed, thanks to PetSmart, who have us a jump start by sending us a cool container and inspiring me to complete our first aid kit.

  • Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Dog

    When we first adopted our puppies, I thought it was best to go to Yelp when choosing a veterinarian for your dog; the ratings and reviews will tell me all I need to know, right? When we first took our dogs to the veterinarian, I received a huge dose of judgment, because we had adopted littermate…

  • Six Reasons Your Next Pet Should Be an Adopted One

    Perhaps one of the most defining characteristics of humanity is our willingness — and passion — for caring for animals. Having a pet enriches our lives, both for the animal and for the caretaker.