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  • How Can You Stay Healthy Around the Pets?

    Doggie Fences

    Pets are amazing friends who show us unwavering devotion and affection. They greatly enhance our lives with happiness and joy. But living with pets also entails certain responsibilities, one of which is keeping ourselves healthy. Pets can occasionally harbor pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can sicken humans, particularly those with compromised immune systems. We’ll…

  • Puppy Milestone: Four Things You Need To Know

    Many puppies sitting on the steps of a staircase

    Landmarks have other stories. Each puppy milestone will show the further growth of your dog, and you can see the changes in your puppy’s behavior and changes.

  • Ten of the Best Pets for Families with Young Kids

    little girl holding a puppy

    They’ll learn compassion and responsibility, as well as the feeling of caring for another living being. Not all pets are ideal for families with young kids.

  • Know Your Dog: Learn How to Give Your Dog an At Home Self-Exam

    Dr. Becker provides clear steps on giving your dog an at home self-exam. A simple and very effective way for you to keep a close eye on your pet’s health.

  • How to Keep Your Pet Safe When Traveling

    The Great American Roadtrip is an institution for many families, and can be one of the ways of traveling with your pets. You’re free to make the arrangements.

  • How to Foster a Love of Animals in Children

    When you foster a love of animals in your child, you’re helping her to learn the importance of looking out for those that have trouble helping themselves.

  • Ten Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Family Dog

    Relinquishing a dog because you made a decision will be traumatic to him and can be very upsetting to kids. It’s better to forgo the idea of a family dog.

  • Ten Things You Should Consider Before Agreeing to Pet Sitting

    women sitting with dog near cottages in countryside

    If you plan on pet sitting frequently or on a professional level, think about purchasing insurance. This can provide protection if anything happen to the pet.

  • Natural Remedies For Your Pet’s Allergies

    Man preparing natural remedies on a rounded white plate

    Pets suffer from allergies too. Here are some tips on things you can do around the house to lessen your pet’s allergic reactions, as well natural remedies.

  • Help! What Should I Do If My Cat Is Obese?

    Big black cat sit on a desk along with a couple of books

    The first step is to admit that your cat is obese. Bring him to a veterinarian and get a full medical check-up. You need to learn how overweight your feline is.