Puppy Milestone: Four Things You Need To Know

Many puppies sitting on the steps of a staircase

Puppies grow up very fast. You can get excited to see your puppy’s energy, but their growth will be unbelievable. As they pass through the different development stages, there are important milestones that everyone wants to feel and share.

Various landmarks have other stories. Each puppy milestone will show the further growth of your dog, and you can see the changes in your puppy’s behavior and physical changes. There are stages of development given below, which can differ from dog to dog. 

0-2 weeks

This is the early period of a newborn puppy. The puppy can only have a sense of touch, smell, and taste at this stage, but the puppy cannot see and hear. They can not stand up at this stage, but they have much strength to push themselves toward their mother. This stage is called the neonatal stage. They only sleep and eat very near their mother’s body at this stage.

2-4 weeks

Puppies grow and develop very fast at this stage. They can fully open their eyes and also take their first step. They can consume food and also start barking. But still, they depend on their mother for heat and warmth. This stage is known as the transitional stage.

4-6 weeks

They can easily distinguish between humans and other creatures at this stage. They can quickly start to eat solid food as they emerge from their adult teeth.

6-8 weeks

At this stage, they can easily bark and spend time in other activities other than sleeping only. They learn how to bite from their mothers and their mothers’ playing methods.

8-10 weeks

Puppies go through rapid development and growth at this stage. This growth mainly happens emotionally. You should keep puppies away from any traumatic incident because it can easily imprint in their minds and last for their whole lives.

10-15 weeks

They become more confident and comfortable during this period. They can easily chew anything. It is the beginning of their vaccinations and the best time for their potty training.

Four Important Milestones In Puppy’s Development

Different milestones are essential for a dog owner to know, which are given below:

Eyes opening

This is the primary milestone of a puppy’s life when they can open their eyes to see the whole world. They are born with blind eyes and start to open their eyes in the first week.


In the second week, they start walking and can take some steps along with their mother. With the help of an electric dog fence in Maine, you can set boundaries for your dog to protect him.


From the first three weeks to the first two months, the development of puppies will be fastest. Their growth depends on their sex and breed.

Sexual maturity

You can take them for neutered as they reach sexual maturity. It happens from six months to the age of one year.

Puppy training classes are also essential to build confidence, making your puppy obedient. A puppy has to pass through the different development stages to enjoy these special moments with the celebration of the puppy’s birthday.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash.