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  • Know Your Dog: Learn How to Give Your Dog an At Home Self-Exam

    We have a consistent routine for the dogs.  Routine is boring, but I’ve learned to appreciate my boyfriend for making me stick to a routine with our dogs (shhh, don’t’ tell him). The benefit of keeping our pups on a routine is that when something goes wrong, we know right away.

  • Help! What Should I Do If My Cat Is Obese?

    Have you noticed how your feline friend cleans your floors with his stomach? If so, your flabby cat is probably overweight. You have to understand that an obese cat is not cute. This health condition can be dangerous for his health.

  • Three Tips for Dog Parents Who Feed Their Dogs Dry Kibble

    This is a quick post and completely unplanned.  Linda, a reader who also follows me on Facebook, asked a great question this morning and I wanted to share it today, because this is in response to the article about feeding our dogs feathers for protein.

  • A New Cure For Canine Cancer

    Whether it is a human or a dog, the news that one of our loved ones has been diagnosed with cancer is devastating. This disease is quite a common cause of ill health in dogs, particularly as the dog gets older. Treatment is available with varying degrees of success. Dogs have been receiving chemotherapy and radiation…

  • Grooming 411: The Difference Between Dog Brushes

    Most pet owners know that brushing their dog on a regular basis is a great way to keep their coat looking shiny and healthy and also help reduce the amount of shedding. But if you’ve ever walked into a pet store looking for a brush, you may be amazed—and even confused—by all the choices.

  • Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Dog

    When we first adopted our puppies, I thought it was best to go to Yelp when choosing a veterinarian for your dog; the ratings and reviews will tell me all I need to know, right? When we first took our dogs to the veterinarian, I received a huge dose of judgment, because we had adopted littermate…

  • Doggy Emergencies: Four Common Reasons To Call Your Vet

    No matter how well we look after our pets, sometimes they end up suffering from the effects of a life threatening health problem. Some problems are easily treated, but others require emergency intervention from a veterinarian.

  • Want Two Pet Dogs? Here’s Four Breeds That Get Along Well Together

    Many families find that having two dogs is actually better than having one. This is because the two are companions when the humans are gone to their various activities. But it is important that you carefully combine the two dogs because you really want them to care more about your family than they do about…

  • Top Questions About Canine Heartworms

    If you have recently adopted a pet dog, you might already be enjoying the pleasures of owning one: exceptional cuteness, an incurable curiosity, and a boatload of energy. Puppies melt hearts daily, and owning one is just about one of the greatest treasures on earth. However, adopting a puppy comes with a price, and that…

  • My Dog Ate What? Signs That Your Dog Swallowed A Foreign Object And What To Do About It

    As a dog owner, you are well aware of your dog’s curiosity and his tendency to try to ingest something he shouldn’t. Most dogs chew certain items, such as a bones, toys, sticks, stones, and rubber balls, and occasionally they will swallow foreign objects.