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  • Ten of the Best Pets for Families with Young Kids

    At some point in your life as a parent, you will be besieged by bargaining, pleading and begging for the addition of a family pet. While your first reaction may be to change the subject or issue a flat-out denial, the truth is that caring for a pet can be a rich and rewarding experience for your children.

  • Know Your Dog: Learn How to Give Your Dog an At Home Self-Exam

    We have a consistent routine for the dogs.  Routine is boring, but I’ve learned to appreciate my boyfriend for making me stick to a routine with our dogs (shhh, don’t’ tell him). The benefit of keeping our pups on a routine is that when something goes wrong, we know right away.

  • How to Keep Your Pet Safe When Traveling

    As any pet owner knows, the four-legged friends that share your home are much more than just pets; they’re part of the family. When you’re planning a trip and the idea of leaving Fido or Fifi behind is just more than you can bear, the only solution is to bring him along for the ride.

  • How to Foster a Love of Animals in Children

    When a child learns to love animals, she’s learning the art of compassion and developing the necessary emotional skills to empathize with other living beings. Kids naturally seem to gravitate towards animals, but loving and properly caring for them are skills that must be learned, rather than innate abilities.

  • Ten Things You Should Consider Before Agreeing to Pet Sitting

    When vacations and business trips come up for pet owners, they are often put in quite a bind. Boarding pets in kennels can be expensive, and many pet owners worry about the level of personal care and attention their furriest member of the family will receive. As an alternative, people often seek out friends, relatives and private sitters to look after their pets while they are away.

  • Natural Remedies For Your Pet’s Allergies

    Just like humans, pets suffer from allergies, too. Here are some tips on things you can do around the house to lessen your pet’s allergic reactions, as well as some natural remedies you can try using inexpensive household items.

  • Help! What Should I Do If My Cat Is Obese?

    Have you noticed how your feline friend cleans your floors with his stomach? If so, your flabby cat is probably overweight. You have to understand that an obese cat is not cute. This health condition can be dangerous for his health.

  • Should You Let Your Dog Swim In Your Pool?

    Just about every dog loves taking an occasional dip in a swimming pool. There are even flotation devices and life vests designed specifically for use on pet dogs who love to get in the water but may not necessarily have the strength or skills to stay afloat and swim. While some dogs, such as Labradors, are built for the water, others love the water but aren’t necessary meant to be swimming in it.

  • How to Help Your Kids Deal With the Death of a Pet

    Coping with the death of a pet — and the mess of feelings that comes with it — is one of the tougher parts of growing up. These feelings can be hard for everybody in the family, but they’re especially tough for young children. Children see pets as close friends and extensions of the family unit, and they have a great deal of importance in their lives.

  • Your Furry Friends Don’t Have To Stay Behind: Refreshing Road Trips For The Entire Family

    You may love your vehicle but you love your pooch even more. The only problem is your little friend likes to make messes and cause a bit of mayhem (not always intentionally) when you’re making your way to your destination. As much as you enjoy having them around with the rest of the family, damage […]