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  • Grooming 411: The Difference Between Dog Brushes

    Most pet owners know that brushing their dog on a regular basis is a great way to keep their coat looking shiny and healthy and also help reduce the amount of shedding. But if you’ve ever walked into a pet store looking for a brush, you may be amazed—and even confused—by all the choices.

  • PetSmart Encourages Us to Create an Emergency Pet First Aid Kit

    Despite the number of accidents our dogs have had, we don’t have an emergency pet first aid kit. Well, that has changed, thanks to PetSmart, who have us a jump start by sending us a cool container and inspiring me to complete our first aid kit.

  • Six Reasons Your Next Pet Should Be an Adopted One

    Perhaps one of the most defining characteristics of humanity is our willingness — and passion — for caring for animals. Having a pet enriches our lives, both for the animal and for the caretaker.

  • Losing A Pet Is Losing A Member Of The Family: Here’s How To Get Through It

    A pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a gerbil or a horse is part of the family, and is widely loved and known by everyone. Pets can stay in the family for years and they can be an important part of your children’s upbringing.

  • Exotic Pet Sitting

    It may seem crazy to think about, but all pets need to be pet-sit at one point or another. Sure, dogs, cats, and other basic pets need that occasional pet sitter when a family goes out of town, or if a person works long hours and needs somebody to care for their pet during the…

  • How to Keep Cats Off Your Car

    If you have cats in you neighborhood or you own a cat or two, coming outside to see these cuddly creatures comfortably resting on your vehicle may be a common occurrence for you.