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  • Puppy Milestone: Four Things You Need To Know

    Many puppies sitting on the steps of a staircase

    Puppies grow up very fast. You can get excited to see your puppy’s energy, but their growth will be unbelievable. As they pass through the different development stages, there are important milestones that everyone wants to feel and share.

  • How to Foster a Love of Animals in Children

    When a child learns to love animals, she’s learning the art of compassion and developing the necessary emotional skills to empathize with other living beings. Kids naturally seem to gravitate towards animals, but loving and properly caring for them are skills that must be learned, rather than innate abilities.

  • Ten Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Family Dog

    The addition of a dog to your family can be a great way to get your kids more involved in the running of the household, give them a sense of responsibility and bring joy to everyone that lives in your home. When a dog is hastily chosen or introduced to the household on a whim,…

  • Your Furry Friends Don’t Have To Stay Behind: Refreshing Road Trips For The Entire Family

    You may love your vehicle but you love your pooch even more. The only problem is your little friend likes to make messes and cause a bit of mayhem (not always intentionally) when you’re making your way to your destination. As much as you enjoy having them around with the rest of the family, damage…

  • Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Dog

    When we first adopted our puppies, I thought it was best to go to Yelp when choosing a veterinarian for your dog; the ratings and reviews will tell me all I need to know, right? When we first took our dogs to the veterinarian, I received a huge dose of judgment, because we had adopted littermate…

  • The Psychology of Dogs

    Man and his canine companion represent a relationship that stretches back to at least 30,000 B.C.. At this time period, it is thought that humans hunted alongside with packs of wild dogs, each party taking advantage of the other’s presence when it came to killing and gathering food.